Best budget Laptop specification & price 2021

After the invention of the computer, a small portable device called a laptop was discovered. Currently, the use of laptops is increasing day by day because it can be easily carried, without any kind of physical connection. However, one problem is that the price of a computer is much higher than that of a laptop. However, we are going to show in this episode 5 Best budget Laptop specification & price, then let’s start.


5 Best budget Laptop specification

XPS 13 Laptop

Dell XPS 13 laptop Today’s article to give my personal opinion after using one of the best laptops for the last four months. This laptop has a very nice display that allows you to get great views from all angles. What makes keyboard are so soft is that it speeds up and to writing. Read below in more detail.

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Processor in XPS 13 Laptop

This laptop is powered by Intel Core i7-1165G 7 which has Generation 11. We all know the lifeblood of a laptop is the processor of that laptop. Keeping that in mind, Dell has used Intel Core i7-1165G6 in their XPS 13 laptops, one of the best aspects of this laptop. On the other hand, the Internet has adapted them through the generation of processor, so 11 generations have been used in this laptop.

Display of XPS 13 Laptop

The display is an output device through which we can see all the activities of the back or laptop. And Dell looks at this very well. The XPS 13 laptop uses a 13.4-inch display. The life of a display is its regulation and the resolution of this laptop is 3640×2400. This laptop will give a new look to the inexperience of work in daily life due to better regulation.

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RAM & Storage

The speed of the laptop depends on the RAM, so this laptop uses 16 GB RAM with a bus speed of 3633MHz LPDDR 4x which will increase the speed of multiple tasks. And 512 GB SSD has been used as storage. You know the difference between SSD and HDR. The use of SSD has made the laptop faster. And if you want you can add storage in a different way. So there is no reason to think that 512 GB storage is available in this storage even less donated laptops. You can increase the storage if you want.

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Battery Of XPS 13 Laptop

If we differentiate between computers and laptops, we all put computers first. Because the computer can receive power at will from a specific location. On the other hand, using a laptop battery can take all the place. However, there is a downside to this and that is that the speed of the laptop slows down a lot due to not being able to give enough power. Keeping this in mind, Dell has used a 4 Cell battery in their XPS 13 laptop which is 51 WHr.

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Graphics & Operating System

I don’t want to have good graphics in this expensive laptop. Considering the price and market, Dell has used Intel UHB Graphics 620 in this laptop. You can use extra graphics cards if you want. Windows 10 has been used as the operating system. You can use other windows if you want.

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