Google Photo’s free unlimited cloud backup offer expires

Today’s Google Photo’s Update, Google Photos’ free unlimited cloud backup offer expires on June 1. Customers will only receive 15GB of free storage from now on. From Tuesday, you may save 15GB of storage by uploading any photo or video to Google Photos. The 15GB of storage includes storage for Gmail, Drive, and other corporate services, in addition to Google Photos. And this is the source of users’ concern! What should I do now? This time, the hunt is digital for an answer to that query.


What should you do starting June 1? Google Photo’s free unlimited

From Tuesday, all high-resolution photographs and videos will be saved in a 15GB storage space. Once the 15GB of storage has been used up, there is the option to purchase more storage. To do so, you’ll need to sign up for Google One. If you have your backup turned on right now, you may switch it off starting Tuesday by going to Google Photos settings. After that, you can only back up by picking the necessary images. This will prevent you from wasting storage space by backing up unneeded photos. Also, without leaving the original, restore the image’s quality to high.


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Additional storage –

If your 15GB of storage is full even after careful backing up of photos and videos, there is a way to buy additional storage. It costs 130 rupees per month for 100 GB of additional storage. On the other hand, if you buy 1 TB of storage, you will have to pay Rs 650 per month to Google. And that’s why there are various Google One subscription plans. Google Photo’s free unlimited 2021.

In addition, a 100GB storage package costs Rs 1,300 per year. In addition, for Rs 6,500 per year, 1TB of extra storage would be accessible. When a customer’s 15GB storage space is full, Google will send a message, according to the firm.

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Storage is available for free.

According to the Internet giant, using a special tool built by Google, the firm would indicate the likely time of storage storage. Google will also keep track of how many images and videos you shoot every day. The American firm has also developed a unique technique for freeing up storage space.

After June 1, however, all Pixel devices may upload an unlimited number of photographs and videos to Google Photos. So, if you own a Pixel phone, you won’t have to worry about this issue.

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