iPhone 13 release date, price, specs and leaks

The new iPhone 13 is only a few months away from release, and there has been a continuous drumbeat of speculations regarding what Apple has in store for this year’s models. And with all of these facts seeping out, a remarkably comprehensive image of the iPhone 13 has emerged. iphone 13 release date 2021.

According to what we’ve heard so far, the iPhone 13 will have a 120Hz LTPO display on both Pro versions, better battery life owing to a more efficient 5G modem, and significant camera enhancements. This might feature a LiDAR sensor, as well as a new portrait video mode, on the cheaper iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. Apple isn’t planning anything as dramatic for the iPhone 13’s design as the Google Pixel 6’s reported new style, however we have heard that the iPhone’s notch will ultimately diminish on every new model. (And, similar with the iPhone 12, we’re anticipating four versions.) Other speculations claim that at least one version of the next iPhone will have a fully wireless architecture (though that prediction is looking shaky). We could also see an always-on display on the iPhone for the first time.

Here’s all we know about the upcoming iPhone 13 based on all the speculations and leaks that have already surfaced.

iPhone 13 design
iPhone 13 design

iPhone 13 release date

If Apple’s prior release dates are any indication, the iPhone 13 may enter stores on September 4th, 2021. That day is September 24th is the iPhone 13 release date.

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives thinks that the iPhone 13 will be released in the third week of September, which aligns with this scenario. The new iPhones may go on sale the following Friday, with pre-orders starting that Friday.


Despite the iPhone 12’s coronavirus-related delays, which pushed its sale date to October 13, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that the iPhone 13 will resume its regular production schedule in 2021. Given the fact that chip shortages are delaying the introduction of numerous consumer electronics products this year, this is important.

The fact that the A15 Bionic processor, which is believed to power the iPhone 13, is allegedly ahead of schedule is undoubtedly welcome news. A more recent rumor claims that the A15 Bionic has begun manufacturing, implying that the iPhone 13 would be unveiled in September.

iPhone 13 name

Since Apple switched from the iPhone 11 to the iPhone 12 last year, early speculations regarding this fall’s iPhone have utilized iPhone 13 as the moniker for the forthcoming generation. iPhone 13 release date. The iPhone 12s has been mentioned in a few speculations as the next iPhone.

While we won’t know the exact name until the device is released, a recent source suggests Apple will continue with the iPhone 13 moniker. According to the Economic Daily News, the iPhone 13 line-up will be similar to the iPhone 12 in terms of name structure and models, citing sources and supply chain inspections.

The “s” model of iPhones signified that the phone was mostly similar to the previous year’s model, with a few notable upgrades. So whether Apple calls this year’s phone the iPhone 12s or iPhone 13, it will reveal a lot about how different it is.

Surprisingly, 18.3 percent of 3,000 Apple consumers polled by SellCell indicated they would be hesitant to purchase an iPhone 13 since the number 13 is considered unlucky.

The majority of respondents preferred naming the phones after the year they were released, with 38 percent opting for the less-than-Apple-like iPhone (2021). 16 percent thought the firm should move on to iPhone 21 right now.

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iPhone 13 price

When Apple comes to pricing, we predict the iPhone 13 will be priced similarly to the iPhone 12 — $699, $799, $999, and $1,099, respectively. Apple’s price for each new iPhone generation tends to be similar to that of the previous one.

According to TrendForce, the iPhone 13 should be priced “roughly on par” with existing iPhone 13 versions. Unfortunately, the iPhone 13 Pro models will not feature a 1TB storage option, according to the company.

The next iPhone is expected to come in the same four sizes as the iPhone 12: a 5.4-inch iPhone 13 small, a 6.1-inch iPhone 13, a 6.1-inch iPhone 13 Pro, and a 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max, according to several speculations. The new iPhones were revealed in regulatory filings with the Eurasian Economic Commission; the document listed seven models, however various combinations might be included.

Apple may discontinue the iPhone 13 small due to poor sales of the iPhone 12 mini, according to reports. However, later sources have claimed that an iPhone 13 small would be released, so let’s presume we’ll see four versions in the autumn – at least for the time being. (Apple is said to be working on a foldable iPhone, although the most recent rumor puts an iPhone Flip two years away.

Design of the iPhone 13

These purported iPhone 13 dummy units revealed by Sonny Dickson might be the closest thing we have right now to a final design. They only show the rear of Apple’s lineup, but they appear to confirm reports that the iPhone 13 will sport a diagonal camera setup.

Furthermore, the iPhone 13 Pro Max could be a little bigger than its predecessor. An purported iPhone 13 Pro cover, in fact, displays a much bigger camera module, though this has yet to be confirmed.

iPhone 13 colors

According to the most recent iPhone 13 color speculations, three additional color choices are possible. The standard iPhone 13 may be available in pink, however this is only a rumor based on a render. In addition, the iPhone 13 Pro might come in two new colors: matte black and a new golden or orange hue. Max Weinbach, a tipster, is the source of both of the latter rumors. If you want to learn more, we have a small iPhone 13 colors roundup.


iPhone 13 colors
iPhone 13 colors


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iPhone 13 display

Apple might make further modifications to the phones’ displays if they retain the same display sizes as the iPhone 12. According to ET News, Apple will use a 120Hz refresh rate on the 6.1-inch iPhone 13 Pro and 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max, with leaker Ice Universe identifying the iPhone 13 Pro Max as 120Hz as well. Smoother scrolling, improved gaming, and video playback will all be possible as a result of this.

A fresh leak has given fire to the rumors that the iPhone 13 would have an LTPO panel, which will be manufactured by Samsung Display. Samsung is also giving Apple with circuit boards to link the display to the phone’s motherboard, indicating that an LTPO screen is in the pipeline.

Because an LTPO panel doesn’t require any additional components under the display to allow adaptive refresh rate, phones with such displays can have a slimmer chassis. An LTPO display on the iPhone 13 might allow the phone to have a very smooth refresh rate while maintaining the iPhone 12’s tidy frame.

Improved power consumption is another advantage of LTPO. According to a DigiTimes story, the LTPO screens Samsung and LG are developing for the iPhone 13 Pro versions would cut battery usage by 15% to 20%.

According to other rumors, the iPhone 13 would have an always-on display, which the LTPO technology might help with. An iPhone with an always-on display is demonstrated in a video. Apple’s iPhones would finally get an always-on display, something Android phones have had for a while.

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How is iphone 13 pro camera


Starting with rumours that the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max would include a new 6-element ultrawide lens, we’re hearing more about the iPhone 13 cameras. A 5-element ultrawide angle lens is included in the latest iPhone 12 Pro versions. In general, the more elements in a lens, the higher the image quality.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also says that the iPhone 13 Pro series’ ultrawide camera would include autofocus for the first time. Images should be crisper as a result of this. Unfortunately, according to Kuo, these enhancements will not be available until the iPhone 14.

According to a second source from Digitimes, Apple is boosting its order of VCMs (voice coil motors), which assist camera lenses focus, by as much as 40%.

Unbox Therapy has a purported iPhone 13 Pro Max fake device that shows an iPhone with substantially larger lenses. This should allow more light in, resulting in better photographs in low-light situations.

This aligns with recent rumours indicating that the iPhone 13’s camera will receive a significant hardware upgrade. For instance, analyst Ross Young predicts that the upcoming Apple phone will have bigger sensors.

iPhone 13 Price

Larger sensors have larger pixels, which means more light is absorbed, resulting in higher-quality photographs. Unfortunately, it’s unclear whether iPhone 13s will be equipped with these sensors, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max arrived with a bigger sensor in the autumn.

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Ming-Chi Kuo has also projected that the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max will have bigger apertures on their ultra-wide cameras. Both phones, according to Koo, will have an f/1.8 aperture, up from f/2.4 on the iPhone 12. When combined with a six-element lens, this means more light will enter the camera, improving image quality.

Sensor-shift stabilization, which is presently only featured on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, is likely to be added to all iPhone 13 models. This is a step forward from optical image stabilization, and it should result in smoother video and other benefits.

According to one fascinating rumor, Apple is searching for suppliers for a “folded lens” camera that will boost the iPhone 13’s optical zoom. Because of the periscope-like design, the telephoto lens is placed vertically rather than horizontally, allowing you to enhance optical magnification without expanding the phone’s size. However, it’s conceivable that this functionality won’t be available until the iPhone 14 next year. iPhone 13 release date.

The iPhone 13 is also expected to have camera improvements that will enable it to better capture the night sky and produce portrait mode movies. A specialized telephotography option might be enabled via an improved ultra wide camera on all iPhone 13 models. This mode will activate when you aim your phone at the stars or the moon, much like night mode does when you’re in a low-light situation.

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When activated, Portrait video mode may provide a blurred backdrop on video recordings. It will also allegedly allow you to adjust the depth of field after the fact, allowing you to dial in the blurred effect after the fact. There are no details on whether this can be utilized on all or just a couple of the iPhone 13’s cameras.

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The inclusion of LiDAR sensors on the iPhone 13 and 13 mini, rather than just the Pro versions, would be a last upgrade. That is, at least, according to DigiTimes insiders, who claim that all 2021 iPhones will have the sophisticated sensor, albeit not everyone appears to believe so. According to information regarding the new phone released by leakers Flip Koroy and Max Weinbach, the LiDAR sensors on the Pro versions should be utilized to generate superior portrait shots with the iPhone 13.

We take a closer look at the iPhone 13’s expected camera upgrades and what they imply for your photographs.

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