MPOW m30 wireless earbuds review 2021

With the advent of modernity, the journey of human life has begun to improve day by day. Even a couple of years ago, the people of our country did not know what earbuds were and now it is in everyone’s hands. Because of this advancement in technology, everyone is working with themselves. So let’s review today’s MPOW m30 wireless earbuds. MPOW m30 wireless earbuds are the most beautiful earbuds I have ever seen. Bast wireless earbuds you are buying.

MPOW m30 wireless earbuds review 2021



Earbuds have been seen in our country since last year and since then they have been accepted by everyone. I bought this wireless earbuds as soon as my personal earbuds came on the market even  though I have had the last two earbuds and today’s review to share with you the experience I have had after several days of use.Bast wireless earbuds of 2021

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Version Of Bluetooth

In the case of Bluetooth headphones, its power or range depends on the Bluetooth generation, so the first thing to look for before buying wireless earbuds is the Bluetooth version. After buying a wireless earbuds, if you can’t use it for a few days, then your desire or idea towards wireless earbuds will change. So take note of these before buying and then buy. We are happy to announce that MPOW m30 wireless earbuds have Bluetooth version 5.0 so that you can enjoy the frequency very well. Suppose your phone is a little far away from you and you can use MPOW m30 wireless earbuds. Its range is 33 feet which is good in terms of this price. So if you want to buy wireless earbuds then you can buy this brand wireless earbuds.

Music Time of MPOW m30 wireless earbuds

There are a lot of new brands but on most of its wireless earbuds you may not get the music time they are given. I have been using earbuds for the last few days.Each time I used it after charging the flower and you will be surprised to know that each time I was able to use it for 5 hours. And with the charging case in the box, I was able to use it for about 20 hours, which is a very good performance. And these 5 hours I listened to the song with 100% of this volume even though the sound is a lot higher, I tested it with full sound to test it. I think this will be the best wireless earbuds according to this price.

Charge Time

At present Google’s fast charging MPOW uses good quality charger technology with good quality battery in their m30 wireless earbuds. It can be fully charged in just two hours. Sometimes it takes one hour and 55 minutes which is a good price.

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You can use it manually if you want and you can use it again by toss. But it would be better to use toss. Using the toss I got good results which is a lot better at this price.


MPOW m30 is a waterproof wireless earbuds that I have not tested but MPOW says their wireless earbud is Waterproof.

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Personal opinion for m30 wireless earbuds

In my opinion, buying or not buying is entirely a personal matter, but if you have a low budget and want to buy a good wireless earbud, I think this will be good for you. Even then, before you buy, give priority to your personal opinions and preferences. I have said that it does not mean that it is good. I bought it out of curiosity and after using it, I decided to share it with you after seeing this performance. It is available in almost all places in our country’s market.

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