Realme Norzo 20 Price in Bangladesh

Realme launched the Realme Norzo 20 at the end of the year. And they further announced that they are going to release a new brand called Norzo. We all know that Realme was a sub-brand of Oppo a few days ago and now they have released a sub-brand themselves. So our topic today is Realme Norzo 20 Price in Bangladesh. Let’s see how this new released phone will be.


We all know Realm has always been offering customers the best phones. However, in the last week of 2020, Realme announced that they are going to release a brand called Norzo as the first sub-brand. If we talk about the success of Realme, then they really deserve praise. Because so far such success is rare in the mobile phone industry. So let’s see the realm Narzo 20 price and specification.

Realme Norzo 20 Price in Bangladesh

In a country like Bangladesh, the demand for low budget phones has been known for a long time, but Realmy knows this very well. So most of their phones are low budget which has gained a lot of popularity in some countries except Bangladesh. In countries like India, Nepal and Bhutan, the demand for realm phones is higher than all other phones. So in Bangladesh the realm Narzo 20 phone has been priced at 13,990 BDT. Which is on the list of low budget phones.

Network Of Realme Norzo 20

Although the current era of 5G, Realme Norzo 20 phone uses 4G or LET technology. However, I hope everyone will get a positive response compared to the budget. A new brand was also released. So all in all it would be better to expect anything.

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The latest updated Android 10 Realme UI used as the operating system.The chipset used is MediaTek Helio G85 which is a prototype of (12nm) Mali-G52 MC2 is used as GPU. Which is a lot better in this budget.

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Camera Of Realme Narzo 20

The most important part of every phone is the camera. I have said before that the people of Bangladesh prefer mid-range phones, but now another feature of choice is a good quality camera. So the Realme Norzo 20 uses 48 megapixels with aperture of f / 1.8 on the front of the phone, along with the Ultra wide 8 megapixel aperture of f / 2.3.

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